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Played @Song Title
11:19:29Bread - Anthology - Bread - IfCurrent Song
11:15:24Eric Clapton - Sunshine Of Your Love
11:11:55Bruce Springsteen - A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield - Gypsy Woman
11:09:23Jefferson Airplane - Stop Children Whats That Sound
11:05:37Flying Joes - Madeleine
10:58:47Temptations - Motown 40 Forever [Disc 1] - Papa Was A Rollin` Stone
10:52:07Genesis - Genesis - Mama
10:47:50Jeff Healy - Run Through The Jungle
10:43:25Rush - Tom Sawyer
10:39:59John Fogerty - The Old Man Down The Road
10:36:04Sylvain Cossette - Somebody to Love
10:32:18Beatles - LET IT BE
10:28:08April Wine - I Like To Rock
10:21:50Metallica - Metallica - Unforgiven
10:17:29Rusted - Young Wild And Free
10:13:39Sylvain Cossette - Que je taime
10:07:59Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed
10:04:05Jim Croce - cats in the craddle
10:00:55Three Dog Night - Jeramiah Was A Bullfrog
09:57:39Uriah Heep - Classic Heep - Traveler In Time

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